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Back on the City Hall agenda – Recognising Russia as an aggressor

December 6, 2015

On the 27th August an entry was published relating to the submission of a resolution at Odessa City Hall that aimed to formally recognise Russia as an aggressor.  Ultimately, as the entry suggested, the issue was kicked into the post-local election grass.

We are now post-local elections and unsurprisingly the issue has been put back upon the City Hall agenda, scheduled for 16th December.

As the entry linked above concluded, “Ultimately, whether voted for or against, it fails to effect the January 2015 Verhovna Rada resolution” – however, as that entry also stated “Eventually however, on 10th July, by 69 to 4, Kharkiv City Council voted to support the Rada resolution adopted of 27th January. The most obvious question arising was why the “Kernes deputies” (and other aligned) all decided to move from an unfavourable to favourable view? Do they anticipate the demise of Gennady Kernes at the local elections in Kharkiv in October, and thus were insuring they are “on-side” with Kyiv? Alternatively, what grubby little deal had been cut between Mayor Kernes and Kyiv to enable that support?

Whatever the case, Kharkiv City Council fell in line, supporting the resolution of the Rada. A domestic political win for Kyiv within a strategic Oblast and City Administration.”

Thus if Kharkiv under Ihor Kolomoisky’s man Mayor Kernes can do it, why couldn’t – or can’t – Odessa do it under Ihor Kolomoisky’s Mayor Trukhanov?  Does it pay to undermine Ihor Kolomoisky when publicly acknowledged as an Ihor Kolomoisky man?

For those with any lingering doubts, both Mayor Kernes and Mayor Trukhanov are now on the record Kolomoisky men – The beauty of our country – is a variety of selection. In Kharkiv Kernes was elected……..And in Odessa, Trukhanov under the slogan “Trust matters.” Truhanov is our friend, our closest person.” – Ihor Kolomoisky

The path to adopting/supporting this resolution is now much clearer with City Hall after all.  No longer are there the Communists nor Igor Markov’s Party Rodina in need of accommodating.  The parties aligned with The Kremlin have been banished from the City legislature.

city hall

Looking at the current composition of City Hall, as the Solidarity Party (14 deputies) has resubmitted the resolution they are thus clearly going to vote in favour, as will Samopomich (5 deputies).  With the clouds gathering over Sergei Kivalov, it seems likely some appeasement will be offered by his Morskaya Party (6 Deputies).  How the Opposition Block (12 deputies) will vote – if they have the courage to vote rather than simply abstain or skip the session – is likely to be an irrelevance.   The only question is how many of the “Trust Matters” (27) deputies of Mayor Trukhanov’s party will vote according to the Trukhanov ( or perhaps better stated, the Ihor Kolomoisky line – a line which is hardly ambiguous when it comes to The Kremlin) – for that is going to dictate the outcome of this vote.

When all is said and done, adopting/supporting the “Russia is an aggressor” resolution makes absolutely no difference legally with the Verkhovna Rada having adopted it almost a year ago.  If adopted, it will however mark a change in the official (fence sitting) position of the City – a change that will eventually then match that of its constituency, albeit belatedly.

We shall see if the 16th December proves to be the date that Odessa finally joins Kharkiv in supporting both the line of Ihor Kolomoisky, and that of the national legislature – or not.

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