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Buying an extra gift this Christmas – Odessa

November 27, 2015

It had been mulled as to write a few words about the “decommunisation laws” and the change of street names in Odessa – or not – as none have yet changed as of today.

But something has caught the eye of the blog that seems worthy of a little promotion (and yes there are always charitable and humanitarian causes worthy of raising) in a timely manner.

In Odessa, a scheme has been launched All-Ukrainian Action Group to buy an extra gift this year and/or to act as Santa Claus and/or the Snow Maiden, for children suffering from the effects of the war, economic, and family difficulties – or in some cases a combination therefore.  We are thus talking of orphans, IDPs, children of ATO families with absent parents, low-income families etc.

According to organizers, the most coveted gifts for children are:

  • crayons, paints, markers,
  • colouring, books, games,
  • soaps, toothpaste, shampoos,
  • soft toys, jewelry and accessories, casket,
  • clothes (warm clothes, hats, scarves, mittens, sweaters)

Volunteers of the charity fund “Good Samaritans” will repack all gifts brought into colorful and bright packaging.   During the evening of the Orthodox Christmas 6 and 7 January 2016, all gifts will be handed to children.   The last date for donations being 25th December 2015 to allow for sorting, wrapping and distribution across the oblast.

Last year the people of Odessa gathered 2,500 gifts across the 27 points collection points. This year, there appears to be more collections points than in 2014.

Gift collection points, addresses, telephone numbers and a website are displayed above.

Worthy of a mention as almost 25% of the readers of this blog have Ukrainian IPs and have a month to search their soul – So take the hint!

Back to policy, politics, fecklessness and the usual subject matter tomorrow.

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