Responsibility claimed for Odessa SBU blast

September 30, 2015

Following on seamlessly from yesterday’s entry relating to the bomb blast at the Odessa State Security Service (SBU) offices on Evreiskaya , in a first for any of the numerous terrorist acts in Odessa, a claim of responsibility has been made.

The above is a man called Mikhail Dolgov who identifies himself as the “Virtual head of the Odessa Underground” and claims that “we”, as in the “Odessa Underground” partisans were responsible for the blast.

Mr Dolgov is not unknown to the authorities in Odessa – he has a long history of mental illness and has recently escaped from his institutional home.

Mental illness aside, for it does not necessarily lessen his claim of responsibility, Mr Dolgov is a Russian nationalist known to be associated with a former Odessa journalist called Valantin Filippov, who disappeared into Crimea last year.  An interview between the two just over a week ago below:

Mr Dolgov is also a known associate of the rather extreme Alexander Vassiliev, a former Odessa City deputy of Igor Markov’s pro-Russian Rodina Party.  Mr Vassiliev too has long left Odessa for more Kremlin friendly surroundings.

Whether Mr Dolgov and whomever else “we” consist of actually carried out the bombing remains to be seen.  It is certainly the first time anybody has claimed responsibility whilst the crime remains undetected, rather than admitted responsibility once caught regarding any bombings in Odessa over the last year or so.

For how long the “Odessa Underground” will exist after claiming responsibility for bombing the SBU also remains to be seen.

Those that follow the bombings of Odessa will know that different groups replace each other once caught.  The “Communist 3” responsible for about a dozen Privat Bank and Samopomich Party blasts were not responsible for the rail track blasts.  The rail track blasts that followed were committed by the “Orthodox Cossacks” and “Black Sea Knights”.   When each group was arrested, their targets also ceased to be targets.

When the “Odessa Underground” is eventually arrested (be it Mr Dolgov alone or with friends) another small group will replace them, perhaps with a different category of target – and so it will continue quite possibly for some years to come.

Nevertheless, interesting and a first for a bombing to be claimed prior to any arrests – whether the claim is actually from those genuinely responsible or not is an entirely different matter.


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