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Recycling bad rubbish – Ukraine

September 18, 2015

Within the nefarious and feckless world of Ukrainian politics it pays to know the odious from the…….odious.

Back in early July 2015 this following tweet was made by the blog:

And so it comes to pass that on 17th September the resignation of Ms Timchenko was duly rendered.

There can be no surprise.  This is a woman whom managed to remain listed as a serving civil servant of Ukraine whilst living in the UK for years.  During those years she was enmeshed within the nefarious activities of Kazakh businessman Mukhtar Ablyazov whose alleged many frauds are pending due process within the UK judicial system.  (She also managed to acquire a very nice home in lovely leafy Surrey and another in Cannes via the usual offshore corporate smoke and mirrors.)

Following her (inappropriate) appointment to find and return assets of the “Yanukovych family” there are undying rumours relating her nefariousness in several murky incidents – such as the sale of oil at a reduced price that was confiscated from Sergei Kurchenko, a member of “the family” whose assets she was employed to track down and return to the State.

There can be no surprise that her resignation of the 17th, (complete with accusations of obstruction by those in government frustrating her role) follows the opening of a criminal case against her on the 16th September under Article 366 of the Criminal Code.

Article 366. Forgery in office

1. Forgery in office, that is putting any knowingly false information in any official documents, any other fabrication of documents, and also making and issuing knowingly false documents by an official, –

shall punishable by a fine up to 50 tax-free minimum incomes, or restraint of liberty for a term up to three years, with the deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for a term up to three years.

2. The same act that caused any grave consequences, –

shall be punishable by the imprisonment for a term of two to five years with the deprivation of the right to occupy certain positions or engage in certain activities for a term up to three years.

Are there any surprises that her alleged offences would fall within this Article considering historical associations and accusations?

For those that know their truly odious from their generally odious within Ukrainian politics, none of this is a surprise and all of it entirely predictable.  It is perhaps surprising only insomuch as she only remained in her position for slightly longer than 2 months – longer would have been anticipated by many.


But as unsurprising as this is, it again raises the question as to why the Ukrainian political elite are intent upon recycling bad rubbish that will continually embarrass and undermine the image it tries to portray.

There is of course the transitional issue regarding old elites, vested interests and how to negotiate their peaceful and permanent release of power and departure from politics vis a vis what concessions are made and nefariously acquired assets/interests they are allowed to keep (and de facto or de jure amnesties should they accept any deals).  Within this there is an element of keeping some of “their people” within the system for a period of time.

There is the issue of evolutionary reform over what always is perceived as an unnecessarily protracted time frame and is generally unsuccessful, verses revolutionary reform which is robust, swift, is usually more successful, and is generally accomplished whilst the constituency is expecting both reforms and hardships that come with them.

There is perhaps a case for engaging the poacher turned gamekeeper in specific instances (with the necessary deals behind the curtain) and perhaps Ms Timchenko was one such case – until she allegedly continued with her nefarious and fraudulent activities.

Whatever the reason to appoint Ms Timchenko, it was not one of chance.

Yet it is the scale of recycled and knowingly bad political rubbish within/by the reformist political clique which continues to baffle both at a national and local governance level – which gives the perception that the nefarious but experienced remain preferred to inexperienced but genuine individuals on far too many occasions, especially if the positions are given where the outcomes of doing so are entirely predictable.

Time will tell who fills the role Ms Timchenko has now vacated, but there must surely be any number of financial investigators without such questionable history’s.

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