Sakvarelidze becomes Odessa Chief Prosecutor – Babies and bathwater

September 17, 2015

Those that follow this blog on twitter will be aware of the following tweet made some days ago:

Clearly that tweet was a little previous, for Davit Sakvarelidze was appointed as the Odessa Oblast Chief Prosecutor a few days later than predicted.  Whatever, far better to be predictive than reactive with such statements, even if getting the timing of the announcement slightly too early.

Davit Sakvarelidze

Regardless, it has now come to pass, and as expected Mr Sakvarelidze will wear two hats.

What was somewhat unclear, was what would happen to Roman Gowda whose position Mr Sakvarelidze now occupies.  Mr Gowda, to be quite fair to him, is not the most corrupt nor the most inept of prosecutors.  Where Mr Gowda may possibly have had far greater issues was in controlling and managing the cesspit that is the Odessa prosecutors office and the nefarious external influences projected within through specific appointments amongst his staff.

As Mr Sakvarelidze has no need to concern himself over the stability of his job when taking on those externally projected interests within the Odessa prosecutors office, he has an advantage Mr Gowda didn’t have.

Whether Mr Gowda would have significantly changed the Odessa regional prosecutor landscape given the freedom Mr Sakvarelidze has will never be known, but Mr Gowda is probably not a baby that should be thrown out with the bathwater as he knows his stuff professionally and still retains some morality in a profession where ethic has historically been somewhat questionable- and it appears that has been recognised.

Roman Gowda now assumes the role of Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine.  This at a time when the Attorney General’s/Prosecutor General’s office is now front and centre in the focus of reformation attention.

The question is perhaps just how well Mr Gowda will cope with the same nefarious cesspit upon a national scale – at least until an enema has been applied several times to the Ukrainian prosecutors institution.  The baby may yet be thrown out if he doesn’t cut it.

Is Odessa about to see a wave of successful prosecutions despite no reform of the courts – simply due to cases actually getting to court rather than undermined long before they got there – if they got there?

Perhaps Odessa is a far harder nut to crack that the rest of the nation.

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