Messaging the swivel-eyed? – Odessa

September 9, 2015

A few months ago, shortly after the appointment of Giya Lordkipanidze as Odessa Oblast Police Chief, an entry appeared that stated – “Anyway, aside from making Odessa the “safest city in Ukraine”, forming a new metropolitan force similar to that in Kyiv, and notwithstanding the chronic corruption within the ranks, eventually Giya Lordkipanidze will have to deal with the few hundred swivel-eyed loons from Kulikovo Pol sect, and the swivel-eyed far right nationalists – neither of which it has to be said, have much, if any genuine societal support and hence their number is of a few hundred between them.

It is very unlikely there will be another entry on this subject for some considerable time until Giya Lordkipanidze gets around to reigning them in, or one or other side does something so incredibly stupid that it simply cannot be ignored due to significant societal impact. Until any of that occurs, they will continue to play amongst themselves, continue to break the law, and continue to be entirely ignored by everybody else.”

It now appears that sufficient time has past and sufficient nuisance and criminality has occurred for Mr Lordkipanidze to start to deal with the swivel-eyed that deem themselves entitled, or able, or justified, to act outside of the law when they feel it appropriate.


Yesterday in Odessa saw the arrests of Sergei Sternenko, leader of Right Sector (whatever Right Sector actually is these days), Ruslan Demchuk of Right Sector (Kominternovsky rayon) and Evgene Rezvushkin leader of Automaidan Odessa.

Mr Rezvushkin has been charged with a previous assault upon a prosecutor and hooliganism.

Messrs Sternenko and Demchuk, reliable rumour has it, are being investigated for a previous assault upon, and kidnapping of, People’s Deputy Sergei Kominternovsky.

Whether further charges or investigations into numerous other previous criminal incidents (of varying degrees of stupidity and seriousness) surrounding these men will occur remains to be seen.

Naturally their defenders will claim that their previous criminal acts were the result of a dysfunctional justice system and their perceived need to take matters into their own hands was for the public good.  Yet per the quote above from months ago, the number of supporters for the loony left, swivel-eyed right and overly enthusiastic activists of any stripe is extremely low in Odessa.

Well known activists such as Mark Gordienko head of the Council of Public Security, following these arrests has called on those detained and their (few) supporters to respond and react within the law – quite rightly.

That there have been no unsavoury incidents immediately following their arrests from any supporters perhaps indicates that either their supporters will act within the law when protesting the innocence, or attempting to mitigate the acts of their leaders, or that there really is no dedicated and hardcore support of any number for these people – or both – or there is indeed a recognition that the rule of law must now prevail regardless of the (perceived) prominence of those that step outside the boundaries of the law and their justifications for doing so.  (That recognition that the rule of law must now prevail would actually be greatly assisted if a few well known nefarious institutional employees go to jail very soon.)

Whatever the case, it is none to soon that the few within the loony left, swivel-eyed right, and overly enthusiastic activists of Odessa have been overtly put on notice that the rule of law will be applied to them should they choose to transgress it under the guise of “justification” in the absence of legitimisation.

Whether this is the start of a clear up of historical “radically inspired” criminality over the past 18 months in Odessa however remains to be seen.  Many sleeping dogs, perhaps, will be deliberately left to lie and the message being sent to the young pup wannabes is one of be as radical and vocal as you wish – within the boundaries of the law.

(One wonders whether tackling the loony extremes will actually catch on nationally.)


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