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Interpol Red Notices and reform Red Flags – Ukraine

January 13, 2015

Yesterday saw Interpol add several Ukrainians of the former regime to those with Red Notices placed upon them – they included former President Yanukovych and former Prime Minister Azarov.

What this means is Interpol informs its member countries that an arrest warrant has been issued for an individual by a judicial authority.  A Red Notice seeks the location and arrest of wanted persons with a view to extradition or similar lawful action.  However, it is not an international arrest warrant and Interpol cannot compel any member country to arrest the subject of a Red Notice.

In short, whilst everybody knows the vast majority of the former regime currently wanted by Ukraine is now very cosily holed up in Russia, neither Ukraine nor Interpol can make Russia arrest those subject to a Red Notice, let alone extradite them.  The system is dependent upon the goodwill and cooperation of its members, and therefore there is next to no chance Russia will do anything with regards to the Red Notices issued.

Indeed, considering applications have long since been submitted to Russia for arrest and extradition for 24 of the former Ukrainian regime – Yanukovych VF, N. Azarov, Klyuyev AP, Pshonka VP, Yakimenko AG, Zaharchenko In .YU., Ratashnyuka VI, Zinoviev PI, Shulyak SM, Koryak VV, Fedchuk PM, Yanukovych OV, Stavisky EA, Kurchenko SV ., SG Arbuzov, Klimenko AV, Prysyazhnyuk MV, Kuzmina RR, Tsarev OA Kolobov Yu, Ignatov AP Bogatyreva RV, Dzekon GB, Dinnik OV – under the longstanding CIS agreement regarding wanted criminals to no avail, there is no reason to believe Interpol Red Notices will cause any change to the Kremlin offering sanctuary to these individuals.

What sort of signal would it send to currently sitting Kremlin stooges/puppets in positions of power around the globe, if it became known the Kremlin will eventually give them up?  A guarantee of inviolable sanctuary for carrying out Kremlin bidding is a requirement for such individuals.  The Kremlin must be seen to look after its own, long after they cease to be useful and have taken sanctuary – recruitment becomes much harder should it fail to do so.

There is, perhaps, some benefit in Ukraine withdrawing from this particular CIS agreement and striking bilateral agreements with the CIS nations individually, looking to the future.

Whatever the case, any expectations relating to the Kremlin actioning the newly issued Interpol Red Notices will lead to disappointment.  Viktor and Alexander Yanukovych, Mykola Azarov, Raisa Bagatyreva, and Messrs Kolobov and Dzekon, all in Russia and subject to Red Notices, have little to fear.  Neither do Messrs Stavitskiy, Kurchenko , Arbuzov, Klimenko, Ignatov, or Dinnik etc.

That the vast majority now be trapped in Russia with their ill-gotten gains for fear of arrest externally, is perhaps the only comfort that can be taken – That and the fact, being trapped in Russia with its evermore internally carnivorous nature amongst the very rich/elite, infers that sooner or later, the Russian system will bleed these nefarious Ukrainians of much of their wealth.

So much for Red Notices – now to Red Flags of the democratic, reformation kind.

In yesterday’s entry when attempting to plant a few benchmarking pegs into the reformation ground to measure the genuine will of the current RADA for reform, Bill 1357 relating to the creation on a national public broadcaster, was one such peg.

This Bill is going to struggle.

Within 8 hours of the blog having selected that particular Bill as a benchmark, it has become apparent that at an internal meeting of the Block Poroshenko camp, it has decided not to support the idea of a national public broadcaster – something quite incredulous to Block Poroshenko MPs such as Sergie Leshenko, who took to Facebook to air his frustrations:

“Такие дни, как сегодня, заставляют меня терять веру в человечество. Фракция БПП решила не поддерживать закон об общественном телевидении, внесенный всем составом комитета Верховной Рады по свободе слова во главе с Вікторія Сюмар. Ключевая реформа из списка рекомендаций ЕС блокируется из-за нежелания депутатов расстаться с рупорами пропаганды. Давно не слышал таких манипуляций! Мажоритарщики привыкли рассматривать областные телекомпании как девок по вызову, которых они могут использовать за скромное вознаграждение или просто теплое слово. В итоге, БПП создает проблемы президенту на ровном месте. Если надо, мы дойдем до МВФ и будем настаивать, чтобы создание общественного ТВ включили в список требований к Украине для получения финансовой помощи. Но зачем самим себе ставить такую подножку?! Зачем?!?!?!”

Without the support of Block Poroshenko it seems highly unlikely to gather sufficient votes within the RADA.  It is a decision that is certainly not going to sit well with many of the Europeans who are expected by Ukraine to finance democratic and economic reforms, that so far have been long on rhetoric and almost entirely absent on delivery.

A day of criminal Red Notices and democratic reformation red flags.

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