An update on Odessa Regional Administration

December 24, 2014

On 11th November an entry was published relating to the change of Chairman of the Odessa Regional Administration following the resignation of Alexie Goncharenko who took up a seat in the RADA, and the subsequent vote and hidden shenanigans behind it.

“The voting required one candidate to gain 67 votes to be appointed as Chairman – which failed to occur.

The results were, Mr Shmushkovitch – 62. Mr Hlytsov – 44. Abstentions – 6.

Thus, temporarily, Mr Shmushkovitch assumes the position of “Acting Chairman” until mid December when another vote is held. Looking at the numbers, Mr Klyuyev, via his representatives, will have to dig deep and bribe a lot of Regional Council members to turn it around. Mr Shmushkovitch, need convince those who previously abstained and/or a few that previously voted for Mr Hlytsov of the hopelessness of their position – something perhaps easier to achieve from the position of “Acting Chairman”.”

Today, finally, the matter has been settled following another vote.

The outcome:  Mr Shmushkovitch with 78 votes in favour, now assumes the role in which he has been “acting” since that entry – as expected.


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