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Recruiting for the Ukrainian Government

December 1, 2014

A few days ago, this entry appeared relating to the desire of President Poroshenko to change the laws in order to allow foreigners to work within the Ukrainian civil service, government and even Cabinet of Ministers.

Thus far, after an initial approach to 185 individuals, a total of 24 foreign candidates have been put forward by WE Partners/Korn Ferry, and Pedersen & Partners.  The roles they were recruiting for are not yet in the public realm, and neither are the identities of the candidates that have been approached, although some roles can certainly be identified, partly due to statements originating from within the Presidential Administration.

“Ukraine urgently needs Western practices of public administration, anti-corruption policies, financial planning, and anti-crisis management.

Ukraine is facing extraordinary challenges, such as the difficult economic situation, Russia’s aggression, and the need for radical reforms and efforts to combat corruption, and this requires nonstandard solutions in the public administration sector. We wanted to professionalize the selection of specialists for a new government lineup and to expand the opportunities for selecting candidates in Ukraine and outside it.” – Dmitry Shymkiv

Those area emboldened above however, does not cover the full scope to which these internationally recognised recruiters have been working.  For example, 4 names have been put forward for a position(s) within the Agrarian Ministry, and President Poroshenko has made it very clear he would prefer a foreigner to head the National Anti-Corruption Bureau.


Of the 24 foreign candidates with whom negotiations are on-going, aside from the additional hurdle of “clearance”/agreement from all leadership within the parliamentary coalition, we are left to ponder just how many positions there are to fill, and thus how many foreigners there will be in government.  A handful?  Slightly more?

Just in case you are interested, the recruitment companies concerned have been paid $82,200 for their services via the International Renaissance Foundation – something for the conspiracy theorists to play with undoubtedly.  Whether they will also receive a further fee for those who actually take up positions offered – which is industry standard – and how much that additional fee will be, remains to be seen.

All intriguing stuff nonetheless.

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