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November 27, 2014

Part of Ukraine’s security and defence reconstruction will have to include cybersecurity.

Despite having a nation with more than its fair share of seriously and mind-bogglingly clever programmers/hackers, Microsoft competition winners and IT geeks  – external help if not required, has been offered and accepted.  Indeed it is being given, in particular by one nation, if not a nation many would immediately think of.  And rightly so.

This link can become quite mesmerising watching cyber attacks being sent, and cyber warfare taking place in real time.

All such IT things are far beyond the competence of this blog.  Indeed “IT retarded” would overstate its competency.  Nevertheless, below is a very interesting speech by Dan Geer, a man with fascinating sideburns, who knows far more about cybersecurity than most – actually almost anybody.

“Power exists to be used. Some wish for cyber safety, which they will not get. Others wish for cyber order, which they will not get. Some have the eye to discern cyber policies that are “the least worst thing;” may they fill the vacuum of wishful thinking.”

A significant realpolitik statement for a virtual realm.  Particularly so when  Ukraine has the desire to significantly move toward both e-governance and e-democracy – and away from paper (not withstanding creating a robust cybersecurity system).  That said, Ukraine should perhaps begin by putting legitimate, licensed software on government hardware, instead of pirated software (and whatever nasty extras that may contain hidden within the code) as a starting point.

Anyway, have a listen to Mr Geer – and try not to get addicted to watch the cyber attacks in the link above – whilst pondering just how incredibly difficult cybersecurity actually has become, and will continue to be.


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