Nominees for the new Cabinet

November 15, 2014

Leaving aside the appointments for certain Cabinet positions that are constitutionally the remit of the president, such as Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin, the current best guess for the cabinet appointments via those that are the constitutional remit of the parliament, appears to be as follows:

Prime Minister – Arseniy Yatseniuk

Speaker – Unknown (Groysman/Lutsenko/Turchynov/Sobolev/Another?)

Deputy PM (Regional Policy) – Volodymyr Groysman

Deputy PM (Humanitarian Affairs) – Igor Zhdan

Deputy PM (Agrarian) – Ivan Miroshnichenko

Deputy PM (European Integration) – (Lutsenko/Turchynov/Sobolev/Another?)

Minister of Justice – Pavlo Petrenko

Minister of Interior – Arsen Avakov

Minister of Social Policy – Pavlo Rozenko

Health Minister – Vasyl Lazoryshynets

Minister of Culture – Evgen Nyschuk

Minister of Energy and Mines – Andrei Kobolyev

Education Minister – Sergei Kvit

Minister of Economy – Dmitry Shimkiv

Minister of Agriculture and Food – Leonid Kozachenko

Minister of Finance – Vitaly Lisovenko

Minister of Youth and Sports – Dennis Silantyev

Minister of Environment and Natural Resources – Hanna Hopko

Head of Radio and Television – Yuriy Stets

Such nominations if passed by parliament will keep 6 acting/currently in office Ministers in situ, promote a current Deputy Minister to Minister in Finance, give the Radical Party the position of Minister for Youth and Sport, the Self Help Party the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources portfolio, a Deputy PM (Humanitarian Affairs) to Batkivshchyna, and fairly evenly split the rest between the President’s Block Poroshenko, and the Prime Minister’s People’s Front.  Not to mention the move from Naftogaz to Energy Minister for Andrei Kobolyev.

If all nominations are accepted by the new parliament (and hopefully blessed by the president with no small amount of goodwill) – are the egos small enough to drive policy forward as both individuals and a team?

We shall soon see.

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