Whilst counting continues – Odessa projections

October 28, 2014

Although counting continues and official winners are yet to be named, the expected outcomes of the elections as far as Odessa is concerned seems likely to produce the following results:

District 133 (Kiev district of Odessa) – Edward Matviichuk

District 134 (Malinovsky district of Odessa)  – Gennady Chekita

District 135 District (Primorsky district of Odessa) – Sergei Kivalov – legal challenges possible

District 136)  (Suvorov) –  Dmitri Golubova

District 137 (Hincheshti) – Leonid Klimov

District 138 (Shiryaevo)  – Ivan Fursin

District 139 (Rasdelniya) – Alexander Presman

District 140 – Counting has stopped – legal challenges likely – Predict David Zhvania

District 141 (Tatarbunary) – Vitaly Barvinenko

District 142 (Artsiz) – Anton Cisse

District 143 (Izmael) – Alexander Urbansky


From the party lists, based upon the projected percentages:

Igor Palitsa, Alexey Goncharenko, Sergei Faermark, Pavel Unguryan, Mykola Skorik – Possibly Andrei Kirilenko and Eduard Gurvitz will also take their seats in the next RADA.

A rather mixed bag of old and new faces to go to the RADA if these prove to be the eventual results – which hopefully will not be too long in their announcing.  Once they are confirmed, then perhaps a “post mortem” entry will be forthcoming.



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