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Bill 5036 fails in The RADA – thankfully

October 21, 2014

Today amongst numerous Bills (4443a and 4143) relating to broadcasting in Ukraine, was Bill 5036.

Within Bill 5036, Article 9, there a new paragraph was proposed, under which a broadcaster is not entitled to distribute audiovisual works, among which the main characters are police, armed forces, special services of Russia and/or the Soviet Union and/or the Russian Empire – except audiovisual works of Soviet production, which were manufactured before August 1991.

In short, all programmes created for broadcast since Ukrainian independence that would in some shape or form seek to glorify or instill thoughts of heroism by those currently fighting against the Ukrainian State would be prohibited.  All those created prior to Ukrainian independence could continue to be broadcast.

Now there may be some skewed but nevertheless well intended patriotic (or sadly nationalist) intent behind such proposed amendment to the existing law – but just how many people watch film/serial/documentary credits at the end, to see whether they were produced prior to, or during MCMXCI, or were indeed produced in MCMXCII or after?

Do those films/serials/documentaries radically change in content or context due to the date of production?

Should media and broadcasting simply be vetted – if it should be vetted at all – by such broad legislative brush strokes by the Ukrainian State?  Is it not wiser, if there is to be any censorship, for any such productions to be decided upon individually?  Would that not be the more “European values based” approach?

Fortunately the Bill failed to pass, as did many other Bills today, due to there being insufficient MPs sitting in the RADA – but that this was even considered a suitable instrument having such a wide scope and indiscriminate approach, appears to reek of a Soviet answer to the issue of censorship.

Not good – not good at all.


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