Behind the scenes at the RADA today

October 15, 2014

Rightly, the media attention will be focused on numerous laws and some appointments made within the Ukrainian RADA today.

A new Defence Minister (again) was appointed.

Laws were passed regarding the prosecutors office, transparency relating ownership of offshore entities, an independent anti-corruption bureau and electoral fraud and voter bribery to name but a few.

However, that is all in the public domain and will be subjected to numerous oped’s and commentary.

The last two entries of this blog, however, have mentioned the fact that many old corrupt faces will be returned to the RADA due to the diluting of opposing voters amongst so many new faces standing against them in the single mandate (first past the post) constituency seats.

Behind the scenes, and with now only 12 days to go before the elections, there are those who have noted the issues raised in the aforementioned links – specifically regarding a dozen of the most odious and/or nefarious old faces that seem likely to be returned due to the conditions outlined.

Perhaps a little late in the day, a dozen or so such dubious candidates may well yet see the electoral playing field change very shortly.

Today, Sergey Vysotsky – “Popular Front”, Vasyl Gatsko – “Democratically Alliance”, Svitlana Zalishchuk, – “Block Poroshenko”, Ivan Krulko, “Batkivshchyna”, Mustafa Nayyem – “Block Poroshenko”, Serhiy Leshchenko – “Block Poroshenko”,  Igor Lutsenko – “Batkivshchyna”, Alex Ryabchyn – “Batkivshchyna”,  Natali Sokolenko – “Democratic Alliance”, Victoria Syumar – “Popular Front”, Oleksandr Chernenko – “Block Poroshenko”,  Andriy Shevchenko – “Batkivshchyna”, and Alona Shkrum – “Motherland”, have struck a deal to target the single mandate seats of the most obnoxious – disagreeing only upon the seat that Olesia Dovgy is running for.

Thus there may yet be a single candidate that runs against Sergei Kivalov, Anton Yatsenko, Alexander Suprunenko, Vitaly Zhuravsky and the remainder of their highlighted dirty dozen.

Enough to change the electoral outcomes if a single new face runs against a single old face in these first past the post seats?  Too little too late?

We may just find out if all other runners and riders agree to stand aside for those most likely to depose the old hands.



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