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The biggest divorce petition/partition since August 1961?

September 12, 2014

On 13th August 1961, the Berlin Wall commenced construction – officially known as the “Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart”.  The declared aim to prevent West Berlin interfering with, and infecting/subverting the creation of a socialist state “against the will of the people”.

It was a physical manifestation of divorced ideologies on the European continent.

On 10th September 2014, President Poroshenko ordered the commencement of “The Wall” on the Ukrainian – Russian border.

Whilst it may have no official name other than “The Wall” – yet – this construction is being created to defend against a corrupt regime and aggressive ideology emanating from The Kremlin, attempting to force its influence “against the will of the people” – or at the very least, the vast majority of the Ukrainian people, by keeping Ukraine under the control of The Kremlin.

1,500 kilometers (932 miles) of trenches and communications.  8,000 vehicle trenches.  4,000 dugouts.  60 kilometers (37 miles) of blast proof fencing/walls.  Eventually, infra-red, motion sensors and all that other high-tech perimeter monitoring equipment will follow.  A defence contractors dream.  That is not withstanding sea/anti-landing defences that are planned.

Whether Ukraine will be able to accomplish this along its entire border with Russia, or whether a section of it will not be returned by those fighting against Kyiv remains to be seen.  If not, there will be ramparts around the areas retained by those forces?  Yet more dirt poor and Kremlin reliant regions, as all Kremlin inspired frozen conflicts have resulted in?

Regardless, a major civil engineering undertaking – not by way of complexity, but size – particularly in the circumstances.  When the loud beat of war drums dulls to a distant rumble, political frustration, economic manipulation, subterfuge and coercion will take the ascendancy just as directly – both symmetrically and asymmetrically.  Though the Kremlin has lost Ukraine, its goal is now to prevent Ukraine moving on as many a jealous and jilted lover has tried to do.

Thus a very definite petition/partition of divorce appears upon the Ukrainian border.  A physical manifestation of a Decree Nisi, whilst legislative measures are taken to produce the Decree Absolute regarding various treaties and the divorce settlement.

As with Berlin, will it be 28 years before any completed wall is removed (if it’s completed)?  How long before Ukraine will trust Russia again?  Those who would state longer that 28 years will probably be right.  The scars upon the Ukrainian landscape that will be caused by the feat of civil engineering are little more than a scratch compared to the deep scar damage caused by Kremlin actions in Ukraine these past months.

Forgiveness is at least a generation away.  To forget – much longer.

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