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An appeal (and breaking the rules of the blog)

September 3, 2014

This blog historically shuns advertising.  Rarely does it promulgate public service announcements.  Only occasionally has it promoted NGOs.

It frequently received queries regarding the legitimacy of charities from would-be donors – and makes an effort at confirming or denying their existence within the legal frameworks of Ukraine.

However, this entry is an exception – because the lady in contact is well known to the author for many years and thus there is no question as to her existence, legitimacy, nor motivation.

Dear Nikolai,

I hope you are doing fine and I hope you remember me.

I never would write such letter to you but now I need to do it. I ask for help all people whom I know personally.

I believe you know the situation in Ukraine, it is really terrible.

I am looking for people and organizations that would like to help war refugees from the Eastern Ukraine who are at the moment left to their own fate in the Kiev region. The majority of them are mothers with little children and elderly people, they are homeless, many of them are sick and even without identity documents. I am responsible for help coordination and I do all I can to collect the funds to organize help to this war victims.

This people urgently need medications and food, especially the children, the help coming from the volunteers already is not enough due to the great number of people affected by the military conflict.

If you would like and if you are able to help, please write me back. Even little help will be highly appreciated!

You know, I am 50 years old but never in my life I could imagine this war in my country….
Please see some pictures of my wards – children and refugees in the attachment to this letter.

Thank you very much in advance and looking forward to hear from you soon,


1-34 5678910

Any reader who may feel so inclined, do contact Dr. Larissa Varenikova to coordinate any assistance you may want to give.  Her email address is –  or via her LinkedIn profile.

Do feel free to “retweet” or “share” as appropriate.

Thank you.

(Please note this is an exception to the rule and is published due to the fact I know those that appeal on behalf of others personally – and these are exceptional times, so exceptions can be made.  Other unsolicited requests may very well fall foul of the general rule.)


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