Ukraine Today (UT) TV – English language

August 25, 2014

Today, the 23rd anniversary of the independence of Ukraine, sees the launch of the English language TV station “Ukraine Today“, a station owned by the oligarch Igor Kolomoyski, owner of several other TV channels in Ukraine.

ukr today

The station will also be broadcast in other languages very soon apparently, with German and French being the next priorities.

The channel has been created to mitigate the distinctly skewed Russia Today (RT) outlook that is relentlessly broadcast to the world.  Fair enough.  However, that being the case, in its efforts to do so it may well end up so alien to facts and the truth it will become just as risible as RT is.

The inherent problem will be one of comparison and perceived competition – particularly given the awful decision regarding the name of the new media outlet in such a similar manner to its Russian nemesis.

Ukraine Today will be far better served reporting the news (rather than Op-Eds/commentary) – accurately – warts and all.  After all Utopia does not exist anywhere on the planet, so there would be nothing gained, and much lost, by pretending Ukraine comes close.

Hopefully it won’t enter a downward spiral of competition of distinctly fictional content with RT, but that is a distinct possibility.  Time will tell.

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