“New Batkivshchyna, Old Heart”

August 17, 2014

With the current RADA almost guaranteed to be dissolved sometime between 24th and 26th August, it seems that the Batkivshchyna Party are already getting into campaign strategy mode.

The most likely new slogan for Ms Tymoshenko’s party is going to be “New Batkivshchyna – Old Heart” – at least at the time of writing, those within Batkivshchyna believe that will be the slogan ultimately chosen.

The “new Batkivshchyna” will naturally be led by Yulia Tymoshenko, with Alexandr Turchynov,  Arseniy Yatseniuk, Arsen Avakov, Sergiy Pashynski  and Sergei Sobolev, as the heart around which it will build – thus the “new Batkivshchyna” will be created around an old – and easily perceived as less than entirely healthy – heart.

Indeed, in the event that the elections occur under existing electoral laws, it is likely that at a very minimum, 80 – 85% of the current RADA will be returned to the legislature once again.

Ergo whatever “new Batkivshchyna” is supposed to grow around this “old heart”, it is likely to come almost entirely from any electoral gains (and retirement replacements), rather than a much needed internally driven lustration process within the Batkivshchyna ranks.

That said, it would be quite wrong to ignore the fact that if 80 – 85% (minimum) of the current RADA will probably be returned (not necessarily under the same party banners as they currently sit), there is a chance of 15 – 20% (maximum) of new blood to enter the pantomime in the RADA.  That would be about 90 new faces in the RADA – albeit many will come from the regional minor leagues, pre-stained and pre-corrupted.

Any “new Batkivshchyna” that may emerge after the RADA elections on 26th October is therefore much more likely to appear “new” via electoral gains – the more substantial the gains, the “newer” the appearance – than via any much needed clear out of the currently feckless within the party ranks that would produce something approaching a genuinely “new Batkivshchyna”.

Let us be blunt – a “new Batkivshchyna”, to be anything other than a misnomer, requires extensive surgery on its “old heart” to be far more believable.

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