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One for the “thinkers” out there – Ukraine

August 13, 2014

A very short entry today, despite the ever-increasing tensions on – and heading toward – Ukraine’s eastern border.

A request from HMG for proposals relating to a “Conflict Pool” of project proposals relating to Ukraine, a clear recognition that nobody has the monopoly on good ideas – including Whitehall.

The remit:

Programmes are expected to be short-term, with solid and sustainable outcomes.

Clear and targeted communications are an essential part of peace and stability. Recent months of insecurity in Ukraine have highlighted challenges in resources and capabilities to communicate and foster dialogue and understanding between different groups of citizens and between citizens and the State.

The Conflict Pool is open to applications from Ukraine-based and international organisations that are aligned with the UK Government’s Building Stability Overseas Strategy and relate to the following objectives:

* strengthen the Government of Ukraine’s capacity to communicate effectively with its own citizens. Particularly security, economic and political reforms (including European integration) where reforms may generate tensions if not well-explained
* reduce tensions and improve understanding between different groups of Ukrainian citizens
* improve dialogue and communication between citizens and the state in both directions
* ensure media reporting (around flashpoint and contentious issues) is neutral and conflict sensitive

Criteria for implementing organisations

We invite applications from organisations with:

* a demonstrated reputation for high quality work in the types of activities identified above
* a track record of effective delivery in Ukraine (and/or other countries of the former Soviet Union)
 * ability to work in Ukrainian and Russian languages
* willingness and ability to work across the whole of Ukraine
* ability to begin implementation within 1 week of bid being successful
* ability to deliver results by 31 March 2015
* hard evidence to back up the need for (and success of) the project

We have a total budget of approximately £1,200,000. There is no lower or upper limit for proposals. However, we intend to fund one to two large strategic projects, with a number of smaller self contained bids.

Funding will be for the period between September 2014 to 31 March 2015.

Some have already had their heads periodically sucked dry of ideas by FCO personnel in Ukraine at the cost to the UK tax-payer of several very modest lunches.  For others, this is an opportunity to assist in dealing with some problematic issues at the expense of some thinking.

Any and all assistance appreciated!


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