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The heirs to the legacy of EuroMaidan

August 9, 2014

Yesterday saw burning tyres and confrontation between authorities and Maidan activists once more in Kyiv.

Something that was eventually going to happen regardless of when those remaining at Maidan were to be moved on?  Perhaps so.

What has not been established yet amongst all the various groups, and groups within groups, that took part in the Maidan rallies from November 2013 until the present day, is who will ultimately get to own the legacy of EuroMaidan, and how it will be directed for the future.

Will it be those who were, or are now following EuroMaidan, in civil society pressuring the government for reforms in the democratic space civil society and NGOs operate within?

Will it be those who went from Maidan to the National Guard, and then on to confront the Kremlin backed fighters in the east?  For they will surely return one day, and will do so as a hardened group of people in no mood for political shenanigans or delays in reforms or implementation.

Could it still belong to those who went from Maidan directly into the political arena via the creation of political parties, joining political parties, or via misguided “reward” into governmental committees for their efforts at Maidan by an interim government, to which they were not – in some cases – capable of doing?

Is it those who have remained on Maidan in the belief that a physically visible reminder to the current political beneficiaries of their previous actions is required?

Can the current political beneficiaries of EuroMaidan do enough to move from immediate beneficiaries to legitimate heirs?

Within those categories of people and groups, there are of course different groups – not all of whom agree with each other, the methodology most effective to drive change/reform, or the timescale in which to expect those reforms to manifest themselves.

However, with the current RADA likely to be dissolved by the president on or around 26th August to pave the way for 26th October elections, laying claim to ownership of the EuroMaidan legacy, either as a political candidate or party, or as a civil society actor, or indeed a group of activists still igniting tyres, it is going to be seen to matter during the 60 day electoral campaigning – and beyond for any successful in harnessing the legacy.

That there would be maneuvering over inheriting the EuroMaidan legacy was always going to happen – and perhaps it would have already been resolved if it were not for the events in the east – but the who or the what that will emerge with a general societal consensus as the legitimate EuroMaidan heir currently remains unclear.

Perhaps none of the above will be deemed worthy.  A consideration for all the above to consistently be aware of lest there be a repeat performance.

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