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Bans, suspensions and the lifting of restrictions

August 8, 2014

There are occasions where entries could almost write themselves – take The Kremlin’s retaliatory sanctions against those nations that have imposed sanctions on Russia for example:


Something worthy of comment in and of itself, and naturally will take appropriate space in the MSM – the full list of Russian sanctioned goods is here.  Time will tell how a subsidy loving, aggressive and powerful EU agriculture lobby vis a vis/and/or/with a bourgeoisie Russian middle class paying more for poorer quality food plays out.

Thus as the MSM will be filled with retaliatory Kremlin sanctions text, this entry will concentrate on today’s visit of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to Ukraine, and his programmed meetings with President Poroshenko, Prime Minister Yatseniuk, Foreign Minister Klimkin and Speaker of the RADA Turchinov.

This visit takes place against the background of war in Ukraine’s east, a growing expectation of overt Kremlin intervention via a “humanitarian mission” that can be interpreted as “limited invasion and frozen conflict creation” in sufficient number to occupy Donetsk and Luhansk (though perhaps not enough to quell/control them thereafter) and some interesting moves by the Europeans and Kremlin alike which are worthy of note.

Firstly, about two weeks ago, the EU Member States reviewed their policy toward arms sales and technology transfer to Ukraine, making it much easier than had been the case – to the angst of The Kremlin.

Chancellor Merkel then managed to get her way over her coalition counterparts and promptly canceled a then suspended contract to train 30,000 Russian troops a year in a German built high spec training centre in Russia.  A move welcomed by many, and putting inferred peer pressure on certain other European nations to follow suit.

Quite right too.

Today it appears that Chancellor Merkel is prepared to go further and is positioning to aid Ukraine militarily with “technologies” to insure it controls its borders and stops the Kremlin enabled flow of fighters and weapons into Ukraine.

Clearly she remains in the ascendancy within the internal German domestic argument with her doves for the moment.  Let all those in Ukraine who clearly cannot identify friend from foe in their misguided “Frau Ribbentrop” nonsense hang their heads, either in shame or in ignorance – or both.  Any who engaged in such nonsense really don’t understand the world in which they live and how it works.  There is no greater supporter of Ukraine in Germany than the German Chancellor – it is others that are less robust.


In the meantime, The Kremlin has ordered 32 Ks 52K Hokum B naval attack helicopters for the French Mistral amphibious vessels it expects to receive from France – the first due for delivery in October.

Thus there is much to discuss today when the head of NATO meets the leadership of Ukraine – particularly if Germany will bilaterally assist Ukraine with the “technology” to regain control of its border with Russia, as is clearly an option on the table following today’s media disclosures.

Sadly most of the really interesting stuff will not see print.


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