Time for a Cabinet reshuffle

July 8, 2014

The current Cabinet of Minister of Ukraine was formed under unusual and strenuous conditions it has to be said.  That Cabinet of Ministers if not entirely fit for purpose then, is certainly not one fit for purpose now.

There is no longer a need for haste nor speed to fill a power, leadership and responsibility vacuum.

Already several of the original Ministers have been replaced for one reason or another – The then First Vice Prime Minister has now been appointed Prosecutor General by the President, the then Foreign Minister having now also been replaced by Presidential Decree, not to mention several changes of Defence Minister since February.

There are also others that will undoubtedly be shown the door – The current Ministers in charge of health, economy, and head of the Antimonopoly Committee will undoubtedly change.

There is also a need to appoint a Minister for the newly created position “Minister for European Integration”.

Whilst is may be fairly safe to pencil in Constantine Vorushilin as Economics Minister, and Konstantin Eliseev as the Minister for European Integration, it takes far greater thought to arrive at solid candidates for the other positions – and there may be more reshuffling than the obvious needs of the posts identified above.


Prime Minister Yatseniuk has some very careful thinking to do over the coming weeks if he is to find solid and capable candidates for these positions, whilst taking into account a more even political makeup of the Cabinet of Ministers by way of party affiliation, and avoiding stirring up Ukrainian society looking to move away from the same old faces and cronyism.

The results of a much needed reshuffle will be interesting to see.



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