Meanwhile at The Kremlin……

July 2, 2014

As of late last night, President Poroshenko abandoned the unilateral ceasefire – such as it was – that had been in force for the past 10 days.

There is little to say on the matter that was not summed up in two tweets immediately prior to, and after he announced his decision:

Meanwhile today at The Kremlin, is a meeting that captures the interest and demands attention.

Vladimir Putin will address a conference of Russian Federation ambassadors and permanent representatives on July 1

The conference’s main theme will be defending Russia’s national interests and strengthening the foundations and principles of international relations.

Issues to be discussed include priority tasks for Russian diplomacy, strengthening peace and supporting global and regional stability and security, advancing Russia’s foreign policy priorities, and developing mutually advantageous cooperation with foreign partners.

By established practice, Russia’s ambassadors and permanent representatives hold such a conference once every two years. The upcoming meeting will be the seventh. Government officials, representatives of the Federal Assembly and Russian ministries and agencies involved in international activities, and members of the expert community and business circles have been invited to attend.”

There are some very big issues within those few quoted paragraphs – though the fact they are addressed in a single day would suggest this is more an instruction than discussion event.  How soon before the results of this gathering will become apparent on the regional and global stage  – and how will they manifest themselves?

Will there be any noticeable changes in The Kremlin position at the next trilateral peace talks in Minsk?

Something to keep a watchful eye upon.


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