Ukraine drops anchor in Europe

June 28, 2014

Today finally saw Ukraine drop its developmental anchor amongst the European nations of the EU with the signing of the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreements.


RADA ratification will undoubtedly happen very swiftly, putting Ukrainian political direction on a firm and legally binding foundation.

It is also a symbolic breaking of its Soviet legacy – which raises the issue of turning that symbolic break into real, tangible and comprehensive reforms.

Putting aside the issues in eastern Ukraine and looking at the nation in its entirety, there is really only one place to start that can been seen and felt to have immediate effects across society, being universally cheered at each and every victory  – An intense and fierce war on corruption and the imposition the rule of law and equity before it.

That need begin immediately – and naturally will never have an end.

The sacking of almost 17,000 employees within the Ministry of Internal Affairs – thus far – is only part of that war, and the tip of the iceberg undoubtedly.

What is necessary to create and implement, is an effective model whereby 17,000 Ministry of Internal Affairs personnel would have neither the desire nor easily presented opportunity to engage in corruption in the first place – and there are many models to chose from that would produce a significant reduction in the daily corruption the average Ukrainian faces.

Returning to eastern Ukraine, the ceasefire ends today – another undeclared war that will rumble on and on without some form of decisive action – be it diplomatic and/or militarily.

Perhaps not a day for triumphalism, but one of somber accomplishment when recognising the battles yet to come on what will be an extremely difficult journey ahead.


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