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Voluntary dissolution? – The RADA

June 20, 2014

One month ago the constitutional issues relating to early RADA dissolution and elections were outlined in this fairly long entry – illuminating the fact it was not a simple matter for President Poroshenko to accomplish without some “engineering”.

“Thus any such early termination would therefore have to be “engineered” to fit – somehow. Not the ideal way to start a presidency, either in practice or by way of external perceptions any such “engineering” will generate.

If that were not enough, some resistance to early RADA elections from currently sitting RADA MPs is assured from almost all quarters except Klitschko’s UDAR and Poroshenko’s Solidarity….”

That being the case, what “engineering” has occurred?

Today, a Bill has been submitted to the RADA to vote for its own voluntarily dissolution.  That Bill submitted by UDAR – which should come as no surprise given the above quote.

Will enough MP’s back the Bill – or will there need to be further “engineering” behind the scenes before another attempt?

If such a vote for dissolution can be accomplished fairly swiftly, new RADA elections could be timed to coincide with the local elections on 26th October, saving no small amount of public funds.

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