Ukraine (finally) stops military contracts with Russia

June 18, 2014

Much has been written in the media and cyberspace regarding the uninterrupted sale of two Mistral class amphibious assault ships by France to Russia, given on-going events in Ukraine.

SHIP_Mistral_Class_Cutaway_Francais_lgPerhaps somewhat unfair on the French, considering the Ukrainian military contracts with Russia have continued.  Only yesterday, did Ukraine itself – with immediate effect – suspend its military contracts with Russia.

Somewhat duplicitous to expect EU nations to cancel contracts with The Kremlin in support of Ukraine, whilst Ukraine continued to fulfill their contracts with those acting aggressively toward it.

An expensive decision for Ukraine undoubtedly – but it is a nation that if it is to even partially fulfill its preferred course, will have to make more and more similar decisions where purported values and existing economic interests will often be forced to disagreeably converge over the next few years.



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