Martial Law – Yes or No?

June 16, 2014

It seems highly likely that MP Sergei Sobolev – Batkivshchyna Party – is going to submit a Bill to the RADA relating to the creation and implementation of Martial Law in the Donetsk and Luhansk Oblasts this coming week.

Thus far, prior to, and since his inauguration, President Poroshenko has resisted such a move – making no mention of it in his address to the nation yesterday.

However, that does not mean unfolding events have not changed his position despite him not orating any such shift  thus far.  As previously written, currently his peace plan faces some obstacles.

Will Martial Law be declared in the east?

Any forthcoming appeals from officials to local residents to leave the area will probably provide the best clue over the next few days. If so then it is hoped that plans are in place to deal with the displaced – as well as those prevented from leaving who would have done so if they could.

This, together with an already known Ukrainian drive to retake control of its borders with Russia will be the two major military issues to keep an eye on next week.

Expect a visible Kremlin response.



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