(Almost) – All the President’s men

June 12, 2014

Recently I have been on something of a roll when it comes to short term predictions relating to the new president and his actions.

That seemingly remains the case, having last week tweeted:

And yesterday that became true.

As of 10th June, the following positions within the presidential administration have been filled as follows:


Head of the Presidential Administration – Boris Lozhkin

First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration – Gennady Zubkov

Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration – Oleg Rafalski

Head of State Administration of Affairs – Sergei Berezenko

First Assistant to The President – Yuri Onishchenko

Presidential Spokesman – Svyatoslav Tsegolko


To be very blunt about it, a very Europe facing crew that will undoubtedly be far more energetic than the stereotypical “grey suits” associated with previous presidential administrations – and one that seems likely to work very smoothly with the half a dozen foreign presidential advisors that are being appointed too.

The list of all the president’s men is now almost complete – we are only missing the presidential appointees for the head of the SBU, Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Secretary of the NSDC.  (All of which are key positions, not only in the current circumstances, but in the many years of Kremlin shenanigans ahead for Ukraine.)

All other ministerial appointments being the prerogative of the RADA and not the president.  Thus, we will soon discover just how effectively the Presidential Administration and the RADA will actually be able to work together.


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