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Politics or paramilitary – Svoboda need choose

June 11, 2014

Yesterday I tweeted:

There is no middle ground in a democratic nation for any political party that has its own paramilitary, as my quickly scrawled diagram below (I don’t have time to play with graphics today) illustrates.


Svoboda, should it go through with creating свободівський батальйон (The Svoboda Battalion) can no longer sit in a parliament or political society of a democratic nation.  Svoboda will be consigned to the detached box of “uncivil groups” that a democratic society need necessarily shun until it moves entirely back within the law – in this instance having no paramilitary battalion.

Accepting that the party itself has passed its high tide mark during the 2012 RADA elections, and have been on a continual slide to irrelevance since due to mismanagement at the local government levels, dissipating once solid support in some regions ever since, combined with numerous acts of political stupidity as previous entries here outline, perhaps in the current circumstances such a move is to be both anticipated and expected.

However, Svoboda currently sit within the “political society” circles shown above.

The party has a very simple choice to make.  To stay within those influential circles of “political society” for as long as possible – or step into the “uncivil groups” box of those to be shunned with immediate effect.

It cannot have one foot in both places in a democratic nation – even in the current circumstances – as there is no place for those directly associated with paramilitaries in domestic democratic discourse.


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