Comparison and the imminent

June 9, 2014

This is an English translation of President Poroshenko’s inauguration speech yesterday, per the presidential website.

On 26th May, the day after his victory at the polls, this is what I stated I thought he would probably do – and more or less in the order he would do it – followed by an entry 3 days later regarding security coalitions in lieu of the deceased Budapest Memorandum.

I think my entries stand up rather well to the nitty-gritty contained within the inauguration speech.

Now President Poroshenko has to to words into deeds, which will not be any easy exercise – However, it appears that President Putin is likely to pocket his Ukrainian trophies gathered thus far and take a 3 to 6 month pause in the more overt coercion tactics employed to date.  This is due to issues both internal and external of Russia – those Russian internal issues having resolved themselves by October.  Thus Ukraine enters a period of more covert subterfuge with immediate effect.

President Poroshenko has therefore somewhere between 90 – 180 days to make a significant and tangible impact upon the points he raises in his speech – if the RADA will let him.

Tomorrow, less about “me” and more about “we”.


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