A master of poor timing? – Miroshnichenko strikes again

May 22, 2014

At a time when southern and eastern Ukrainian sensibilities are very much in the spotlight – and ultimately the only solution going forward will be one of inclusiveness and tolerance within the parameters of any consolidated democracy with regard minority rights and more broadly societal perceptions – the actions of certain political actors seem ill-times at best and deliberately provocative at worst.

Ihor Miroshnichenko has been mentioned several times in this blog historically – and today he manages to get yet another mention – once again with questions raised about timings and the casual effects of actions.  A consistent theme as far as he seems to be concerned.

As an elected parliamentarian, naturally he has the right to raise legislation for consideration.  In that regard there is no issue.  However the latest resolution submitted by him will be considered by many ill-timed, if not deliberately inflammatory.

Mr Miroshnichenko has submitted a resolution to the RADA relating to the changing of names of some towns and cities in the Odessa Oblast – because these population centers are in Ukraine and are using “a borrowed name” – by which he means Russian names.

Thus he proposes changing certain names to Ukrainian names in his submitted resolution.

Helpful in the current circumstances – or likely to further undermine the support for the current interim administration in Kyiv?

Some may perhaps wonder just whose interests Mr Mishnichenko serves – for this latest resolution seems unlikely to be particularly helpful for some Svoboda colleagues sitting within the current interim administration trying to hold Ukraine together.


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