Commemoration in Crimea – A tense day ahead

May 18, 2014

Sunday 18th May is the date where the Crimea Tatar were due to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the mass deportation of their people.  A mass deportation carried out upon the order of Joseph Stalin.


However any and all such parades/rallies have been banned by the current leadership of Crimea.  Above it a copy of the relevant decree banning any such gatherings – until 6th June.

Meanwhile, the leadership of Ukraine, unsurprisingly, made an opposite decree:

“I decree to annually celebrate May 18 as a Day of Crimean Tatars’ Rights in view of the fact that after seventy years of the deportation because of the actions of totalitarian regime of the former USSR, the Crimean Tatar people is again under the threat of discrimination on their native land, to support the struggle of the citizens of Ukraine Crimean Tatars for the maintenance of their rights as representatives of an indigenous people, and according to the Article 112 of the Constitution of Ukraine.” –  Oleksandr Turchynov.

Normally, tens of thousands of people attend the commemorations.  Let us hope that all remains peaceful in Crimea tomorrow, when it can be reasonably expected that many thousands will probably ignore the current authorities decree and commemorate a particularly grim date as they have historically done.

A tense day in Crimea tomorrow.



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