Stop, listen! (Then read)

May 14, 2014

Two things today.

The first, if you don’t have 50 minutes to spare – find them – and listen to the very candid interview of Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski relating to errors, misjudgments and missed opportunities by the EU relating to Ukraine and Russia.

Once you have listened to it, not only will the EU position(s) become apparent, so will the assistance – or not – Ukraine can expect from the EU looking forward, not to mention responses The Kremlin can expect.

Seriously – listen to it.  I cannot recommend you doing so strongly enough.

The second matter today is written for a reader who is semi-resident in Odessa and who wanted to know the current situation relating to the elections of the Odessa Mayor.  I have written about it before, several times, but it is time for another update as shenanigans are unsurprisingly manifesting.

It seems Gennady Truhanov’s aggressive (in a legitimate way) advertising campaign has in other areas overstepped legal boundaries several times.  Not a surprise to those who took the trouble to click and read the above links and get a little background information no doubt.

According to the NGO Committee of Voters of Ukraine, Mr Truhanov’s campaign is already guilty of indirect bribery of voters, having “Trust Matters”, his campaign slogan, placed on city administration vehicles as well as buses and taxis, employing other resources of the current administration, engaging in “black PR”, not to mention regular campaigning with the current acting-Mayor and city administration chief of the Maritime District, plus the usual threats to activists and destruction of campaign materials of his major rival Eduard Gurvitz.

More cynically, “Trust Matters Charitable Foundation” was created for donations and to distribute medicines, goods, products and services to the families of the dead and injured from the 2nd May tragic events in Odessa – using the same telephone number as that for the Truhanov campaign,  not to mention inferring his major rival for the position of Mayor was responsible for the events of 2nd May via Truhanov friendly media stations.

All matters that unfairly and illegally influence – questionable morality and ethics notwithstanding.

I have it from an very reliable source that as Ms Tymoshenko and Batkivshchyna have no horse in this race that can possibly win, they are now tacitly backing Mr Truhanov – as his rival Mr Gurvitz is a UDAR and thus Klitschko/Poroshenko man.  It should also be noted that Ms Tymoshenko simply does not like Mr Gurvitz anyway – for historical reasons that do not need to be expanded upon for the purposes of this entry.

Current polls still have Mr Guvitz ahead, although a 10% lead, has been cut to 3.5% according to some pollsters – not far outside any margin of error, and well within vote manipulation margins of the nefarious type during ballot stuffing, counting and voter intimidation.

That leads to a final point – and perhaps no coincidence considering Mr Truhanov has both the current acting Mayor and Batkivshchyna backing – 30% of the local electoral commission has been reshuffled/replaced to enable a strengthened position when it comes to vote counting.

Whilst this may appear to be a one-sided and biased entry to the detriment of Mr Truhanov, I am simply summarising that which was stated by the NGO making the statements.  Undoubtedly the campaign of Mr Gurvitz is not whiter than white either, though no accusations were made against it – thus far, though I expect they will come.

Election LTOs and STOs in Odessa take note – the usual dirty game is afoot!

Tomorrow back to the far bigger Ukrainian picture.



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