The plot thickens – or the thick plotten

May 9, 2014

A short entry today – and one that may see the end of my ruminations relating to the tragedy in Odessa on 2nd May for a while due to on-going unraveling of those sad hours.

Yesterday I wrote about the administrative and institutional failures that were clearly contributory factors in those events.

I stated that the then Odessa Police Chief Dmitry Fuchetzhi had been arrested for aiding the pro-separatists and mismanaging the riot police response – deliberately.

I then entered the spiders web of who is loyal to whom within the political and corrupt inner sanctums of Odessa.

Since I wrote that,  Dmitry Fuchetzhi was released on his own promise to return to the Odessa prosecutors office when called.

Naturally rational people will ask why a man so involved in those ugly events that led to so many deaths was in effect bailed on his own promise having appeared so have clearly failed the oath he had taken for the office he held.

It follows entirely unsurprisingly that Dmitry Fuchetzhi took flight and crossed the border of Ukraine at 5am in the morning leaving Ukrainian and Odessite jurisdiction behind him.

Who would release a man suspected of such?  Yet more incompetence and corruption at a local level to facilitate such an occurrence?

The decision it appears was not made locally.  It appears that the release on bail of Dmitry Fuchetzhi came from a far higher pay grade than anybody within the Odessa institutional system.

It appears that the decision came from Sergiy Pashynski within the Presidential Administration – who just happens to be Yulia Tymoshenko’s man there.

Yet another poor decision – or considering my entry yesterday, something far, far more conspiratorial?

Tomorrow a step back from Odessa and back to take a broader view of issues Ukrainian.



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