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Meanwhile, in Odessa

April 27, 2014

Another break from matters of national importance to quickly look at an interesting little occurrence in Odessa and the mayoral elections here that take place on 25th May.

It is now quite clear that it is a two horse race between Eduard Gurvitz and Gennady Truhanov – despite other candidates of course.

So we now approach the issue of “technical” candidates – those entered with the intention of splitting the vote of another.

Igor Markov who decided not to run has seemingly thrown his weight behind Gennady Truhanov – which will substantially help his cause by dual name recognition if nothing else – and there will be plenty of “else”.

Particularly interesting is the fact that Oleg Markov – brother of Igor – has been spending a lot of time on Ekaterinaskaya,  the election headquarters of Eduard Gurvitz.

Oleg, thanks to riding on his brothers coattails, has become a well known local politician in his own right.  He has his own – and his more famous/infamous brother’s – name recognition.  To be honest, most voters would simply see the name “Markov” and vote for it or not based solely on the name.


Oleg Markov has now seemingly decided to run for mayor too – which theoretically will benefit Eduard Gurvitz by splitting the Truhanov vote – a textbook technical candidate.

Quite simply, brand “Markov” voters will traditionally be far more aligned with Gennady Truhanov than Eduard Gurvitz.  Thus Mr Gurvitz doesn’t directly gain, but Mr Truhanov directly loses votes.

This situation seems to set Markov brother against brother unless Oleg Markov suddenly decides not to run –  which would cost Gennady Truhanov a lot of money as well as providing Markov The Younger with a top job within the Odessa City administration – and leaving Mr Truhanov beholding to Markov the Elder for his support. and reliant upon Markov the Younger to remain loyal.

The question seems to be, how high will Gennady Truhanov’s bid need to be to top that which must have already been made by Eduard Gurvitz to have him enter as a technical candidate?

However, brand “Markov” looks unlikely to lose.  Whilst big brother Igor plays on the national stage, it appears that young Oleg has been maneuvered into a position where he can look after big brothers interests locally regardless of who become the Odessa mayor.

With 29 days until elections, and despite the obvious national threats and issues of the moment, I suspect I will return to the local elections once or twice more, so do bear with me on the occasions I indulge in issues of local government.

If, of course, young Oleg has decided to step out from his older brother’s shadow and go it alone, then all the above may well be nonsense – but that will make the Markov family barbecues a very interesting summer event with brawling and rolling around on the manicured lawns.

Tomorrow, back to the big stuff again.


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