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The Social Progress Index – Ukraine 62nd

April 10, 2014

Now this is a rather interesting index for those that monitor social progress.

Ukraine ranks 62nd.  It is far in front of the median when it comes to meeting basic human needs, slightly behind with regard to the foundations of wellbeing, but disappointingly far from the median when it comes to opportunity.

A difficult thing to improve?  I think not.

The answer to Ukraine improving within this index can be found where improvement in almost every international index can be found – be it political, civil, economic, social. cultural, opportunity or wellbeing – and that answers always comes back to the core issue of equality before the rule of law.

Even with the plethora of badly crafted laws and less than capable lawmakers Ukraine is subjected to, equality for all before such imperfect instruments would still produce substantial gains across almost every single international index.

Never has there been such a manifest internal desire for bottom up change.  Never has there been such a visible and ready external desire to not only be seen to assist, but actually assist in this change.  Never has there been the internal political need to carry out such necessities for fear of angry constituency rebuke.

Nobody expects perfection, but such rankings are not difficult to improve.

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