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FSB Colonel-General Sergey Besedv

April 6, 2014

It will come as no surprise to anybody given the extreme level of infiltration within the Ukrainian institutions of State by the FSB ever since 1991 and Ukrainian independence, that the nation is very much porous where The Kremlin is concerned.

FSB agents, be they ideologically or financially driven, or through revenge or fear are numerous in Ukraine.

FSB officers – not to be confused with agents – are also numerous in their presence here.

A thorough clean out is a national security necessity for Ukraine – the problem being how far back historically does Ukraine go looking for the cancerous cells within the bone marrow of the nation?

Anyway, it is not exactly common that the presence of FSB officers are acknowledged – particularly in the press – at a time of serous domestic strife in which The Kremlin stands accused of interference/subterfuge.  Even if caught in the most compromising of situations, it is very unlikely that official confirmation is provided.

And yet, the FSB has confirmed the presence of FSB Colonel-General Sergey Besedv in Kyiv on 20th and 21st February.  Coincidently – or not – the bloodiest dates in the history of  independent Ukraine.

The official reasons given – the securing of the Russian Embassy and other Russian assets in Kyiv – issues it seems, falling far short of such a high ranking FSB officer – naturally.

Whatever the reasons for this confirmation of Colonel-General Besedv’s presence in Kyiv on those dates, it does seem rather strange there is any form of public acknowledgement whatsoever as to his movements.

Perhaps I am making more out of this media confirmation than is necessary, but I find this small matter worthy of comment.

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