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Assessing the strength of Party Regions – Odessa

April 5, 2014

Today’s entry is late – and deliberately so.  I have been awaiting the results of an attempted political coup to remove the Party Regions Secretary of the Odessa City Council, Oleg Bryndaka.

In fact, late into the evening yesterday I was with interested parties and on-lookers alike discussing the possibilities of this political move coming to pass.

This attempt widely interpreted by us all as an assessment to the remaining strength in depth of the Party Regions within Odessa.

Needless to say negotiations, shenanigans and threats were being made between – and toward – those with the power to vote “yea” or “nay” to this dethroning.  All rather interesting and displayed a clear and evident split within the Party Regions and their respective business interests and camps.

odessa city hall

However, no such dethroning took place today as was expected.  Enough levers were used to insure insufficient City Hall Deputies arrived to gather sufficient numbers for any such vote – the first time in a very long time a quorum number has not been present at any Odessa City Hall session.

The next political attempt to remove Oleg Bryndaka will now take on 15th April, just over a month before the elections for Mayor occur on 25th May.  The mayoral elections are very likely to return Eduard Gurvitz – a current UDAR MP – to the mayoral position he vacated only a few years ago in a disputed election result.

Regardless of the failure to achieve the anticipated coup in City Hall today, having spent most of the previous  evening watching the party internal shenanigans unfold before me, the split within the Party Regions deputy ranks is a veritable chasm that seems too large to heal – particularly under an old political hand like Mr Gurvitz who will identify the fault line and drive a wedge into the very heart of his political opponents.


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