Amongst all the headlines, some democratic progress – Ukraine

March 29, 2014

Yesterday was a tumultuous day for headlines in Ukraine – much like any other day these past months – except yesterday there was some real democratic progress.

I am not referring to the UNGA resolution regarding the territorial integrity of Ukraine – Voting results: Yes: 100, No: 11 Abstentions: 58


The eleven States voting against – and thus accepting the criminal Russian annexation of Crimea as OK, nor the States that abstained perhaps worse for their cowardice in not taking any position whatsoever – are little consolation or legitimisation for Russia.

Ms Tymoshenko confirming she is going to run for the presidency – well it’s hardly a surprise and therefore not worth mentioning.  Pulling her rhetoric full speech apart is simply too easy – and no doubt the Ukrainian media will do an adequate job of it anyway.

Neither am I referring to the Right Sector march on the RADA demanding the dismissal of the current interim Interior Minister Arseny Avakov over the very suspicious death of Sashko Muzychko also known as Sasha Beliy.


It is not often somebody predicts the manner of their death a few days before.


Sadly the alleged CCTV footage of the incident provides very little clear evidence to prove one theory or another.  Perhaps the RADA Commission inquiry into his death will clarify matters – though probably not,

Neither will I make much of the fact that this protest march on the RADA will have gone some way to undo the favourable headlines that the UNGA resolution vote gave to Ukraine.


I would question the timing of the Right Sector march rather than the reasons for it.  The circumstances surrounding this death are simply uncomfortable.

It was another gift to Russian propaganda when it should rightly have been on the ropes after the UNGA resolution vote.

Whilst I would not claim Right Sector acted directly on Kremlin instruction, there is little doubt it will have been infiltrated by the Russian intelligence agencies just as many Ukrainian State institutions have been.  Russian agent provocateurs amongst the ranks behind the timing of this march in order to mitigate UNGA fallout? – Definitely possible.

The IMF provisional agreement?  No not that either – though after a quick scan through the detail-less text, I wonder how monetary policy will be managed – through inflationary and discount rate tools?  Regardless, there is economic pain ahead for everybody in Ukraine for the next few years – there is no alternative.

The real progress to be found in the shadows of all the headlines yesterday is the successful passing of the law relating to the access to public information – a hard fought for law by civil society – a transparency and thus democracy success story that really should be highlighted – so I have!

Undoubtedly a step in the right direction and one all democracy advocates will welcome!

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