Electoral environment – Ukraine

March 28, 2014

After the release of several opinion polls relating to the 25th May presidential elections in Ukraine – all of which show Petro Poroshenko in a very commanding position –

pol no 1


I was going to write about the electoral environment in  which any election will take place, and the difficulties in arriving at an election that is deemed free and fair – most importantly to the Ukrainian voting constituency first and foremost.

However, much of what I would have touched upon – in far less erudite manner – has been mentioned here.

Instead we can ponder just how long before Petro Poroshenko and Vitaly Klitschko’s UDAR join forces – for it must surely happen, to the benefit of both.  Before the presidential election?  After the presidential election but prior to RADA elections?  Before the year end?



  1. as it would put Ms T in a solid position to be nominated as Prime Minister

    Haven’t we already been there? Poro will be even further up the same creek as Yush.

    • Quite so if Batkivshchyna managed to remain the largest party in the RADA after any new RADA elections. The question would be how much of the Regions vote would go to UDAR and how much would stay with Tigipko. If sufficient defect to give UDAR the largest party status then she is left as nothing more than a party leader.

      We can expect Batkivshchyna to do everything possible to undermine and diminish Klitshcko and UDAR from this moment onwards – it will soon become evident.

  2. If I could have my way I’d like Inna Bohoslovska and Oleh Liashko at the top of the list. They can take out the shovel and clean out the pigsty. Neither one was ever in Komsomol and they are not oligarchs, like Poroshenko. If Viktor Pynzenyk can stop chain smoking him too. Time to kick out the Komuniaky and oligarchs.

  3. Supposing Poroshenko is elected. Then what? Won’t he be just a figurehead? He doesn’t have a party and he doesn’t have any sort of majority in the RADA. (although joining forces with Kick might help – that’s not a majority either by a long chalk) How will he function as President? As President he might have patronage but isn’t that limited given that every appointment requires Parliamentary approval.?How will he even impose new elections on the RADA? etc etc. He’ll end up like Yushchenko -blamed for everything even though he will have had little power to change things. At least Yushchenko had a party to start with.

    • Which is why I expect him to “merge” with UDAR and UDAR to be happy for the sake of party finances. I expect UDAR to gain seats at the next RADA election from both PoR and Batkivshchyna.

      New elections are being urged overwhelmingly by public opinion, and also the USA, EU and Russia.

      In the short term he will function as Batkivshchyna will back him hoping to force UDAR away from him, as it would put Ms T in a solid position to be nominated as Prime Minister if she remained the leader of the largest party.

      He will have support without doubt – but those that support him will be doing their uppermost to undermine each other.

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