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Media failings – Meet the new boss – same as the old boss

March 23, 2014

Well, very little seems to have changed since Viktor Yanukovych and Mykola Azarov left the building with regard to political control of the state/oligarchical media and exposure of “the chosen”.


4 hours – Yes FOUR CONTINUOUS HOURS of sanctimonious egotistical flapdoodle was inflicted upon Ukrainians by Yulia Tymoshenko and television producers last night.

It felt as though I had been teleported to Pyongyang and was being forcibly brainwashed by “the Great Leader” in order that I forget just how her previous actions had contributed – in no uncertain terms – to many of the crisis issues now faced by Ukraine.

Ms Tymoshenko has now the personal loyalty of 10 regional governors and is behind the oligarch appointments in eastern Ukraine.  Despite a very capable but independent of mind Batkivshchyna candidate in Lesya Orobets for Mayor of Kyiv, she has encouraged Yuri Lutsenko to run – presumably because he is simply far more loyal to her personally.

As Vitkor Yanukovych’s power vertical is being dismantled still now – Ms Tymoshenko is quite obviously building her own.  She also quite clearly has the intention, access and ambition to dominate the media – long term election observers take note now – her campaign began last night with this 4 hour mainstream media stint.

Let us hope that despite her undisputed title as Queen of Rhetoric, the election comes soon enough that people clearly remember she also failed to deliver anything whatsoever when in power – and has been a considerable contributory factor to where Ukraine finds itself today – no different in deeds to all the other historically feckless Ukrainian political class.

Ukraine seems likely to leap from one domestic political abyss personified by Viktor Yanukovych to yet  another in Ms Tymoshenko if it is not careful.

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