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Ukraine and Russia declare a short truce in Crimea

March 17, 2014

In a somewhat facile statement, it seems that the Ukrainian and Russian military have declared a truce until 21st March.

As I have written many times already over the past week, despite the illegal referendum occurring in Crimea today, contrary to the Ukrainian Constitution, Helsinki Final Act, UN Charter, The Russia-Ukrainian Friendship Treaty etc., etc., and despite recognising what has not even been a half-hearted attempt at meeting international electoral standards even if you were to take the view the referendum is legal –  nothing was decided today as far as Russia is concerned.

21st March is a key date.  It is the date that the Russian Duma considers the Crimean application for accession to the Russian Federation.   It is also the date slated for the Association Agreement to be signed between the EU and Ukraine.

Therefore the “truce” declared in the aforementioned statement simply recognises the current political timetable and nothing more – and any such truce will change with that political timetable.  In short the truce will last as long as Mr Putin wants it to – be that until tomorrow or 3 months from now.

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