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Viktor Yanukovych states he will be back in Kyiv soon

March 12, 2014

Following his second press conference from Rostov-on-Don, there is only one statement of real interest that caught my attention, based on the foundation that both he and Russia still maintain he is the legitimate president of Ukraine.

That statement being Viktor Yanukovych believes he will be back in Kyiv soon.

Discounting the possibility that he has lost his mind, there are only three ways that any return to Kyiv can be accomplished – and only two of them would provide a return “soon”.

The first, after he “recognises and legitimises” the Crimean referendum, is that The Kremlin sees no further use for him and he is somehow spirited away, reappearing conveniently upon Ukrainian soil under the noses of the SBU.

The second is some form of negotiated return – which is almost impossible to conceive and would certainly not be a swift negotiation, and/or legal challenges through the Ukrainian courts that retain judges loyal to those around Viktor Yanukovych  removing any notion of “soon”.

Lastly, that Russia removes the interim government in Kyiv by force – something not ruled out by President Putin’s press conference on 4th March – in fact it was noticeable that the further use of military intervention across Ukraine it was explicitly “ruled in”.

Thus, if we are to give any credence to a claim of returning to Kyiv soon,  which of the two swift methods are we to put our money on?

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