Your name’s down – You’re not coming in!

March 6, 2014

Dropping the “a” from Crimea for the moment and therefore turning to crime – it seems the EU Member States have at last agreed the names of those it intends to subject to sanctions.  They will be published tomorrow.

The list contains 18 names.

At the end of February, whilst pondering whether sanctions would be the appropriate tool to apply to those no longer in power – rather than criminal investigation – I mentioned a few names, 36 in total, double the number on the EU list.

“Who should be on the list? – Mykola Azarov (former Prime Minister), Oleksandr Efremov (Party of Regions MP), Anatoliy Holovin (former President of the Constitutional Court), Yuriy Ivanushchenko (Party of Regions MP, alleged to control Yanukovych’s regional “chiefs”), Serhiy Kliuyev (brother of Yanukovych’s former chief of staff), Oleksandr Klymenko (former Chief of Tax Administration), Vadym Kolisnichenko (Deputy Chairman of Party of Regions), Serhiy Kurchenko (Ukrainian businessman and perceived front for Viktor Pshonka ), Viktor Medvedchuk (President Puntin’s messenger), Volodymyr Oliynyk (Party of Regions MP), Eduard Stavitskyi (former Minister of Ecology & Natural Resources), Dmytro Tabachnyk (former Education Minister), Oleksandr Yanukovych (former president’s older son), Viktor Yanukovych (former President), Viktor Yanukovych Jnr. (former president’s younger son)?

Perhaps it should include Serhiy Asaveliuk (former chief of BBVV special operations), Myhailo Dobkin (Governor of regional administration in Kharkiv, employer of “titushki,”/ hired thugs), Gennadiy Kernes (Mayor of Kharkiv, allegedly linked to titushki use), Valeriy Koriak (former Kiev police chief), Oleksiy Krykun (former senior official in Kiev police), Valeriy Mazan (former senior Interior Ministry official), Oleksandr Popov (former chief of Kiev municipal administration), Andriy Portnov (Yanukovych’s former Deputy Chief of Staff), Viktor Ratushniak (former Deputy Minister of Interior Affairs), Volodymyr Sivkovych (former Deputy Secretary of the National Security & Defense Council of Ukraine), Stanislav Shuliak (former BBVV chief), Volodymyr Totskyi (former head of the SBU’s couner-terrorist “Alpha” squad), Oleh Tsariov (MP Party of Regions) and Oleksandr Shchogoliev (former head of Kiev branch of SBU)?

It surely must begin with Serhiy Arbuzov (former Deputy Prime Minister), Yuriy Ilyin (former Chief of Ukrainian Army), Andriy Kluyev (Yanukovych’s former Chief of Staff), Pavlo Lebediev (former Minister of Defence), Olena Lukash (former Justice Minister), Viktor Pshonka (former Prosecutor General), Oleksandr Yakymenko (former head of Ukraine’s domestic intelligence service, the SBU), Vitaliy Zakharchenko (former Interior Minister) shouldn’t it?”

The question to be answered tomorrow is did I name all 18 the EU lists – and why were the others omitted presuming I didn’t miss anybody?  If I did miss somebody, how could I be so erroneous?

Once again though, it has to be restated, are sanctions, a tool traditionally used to encourage leaders to change course, the appropriate tool to deal with those no longer in power.  Surely criminal money laundering investigations would now be more appropriate?

After all, there is no need for diplomatic niceties any longer as far as they are concerned.  Call a criminal a criminal.



  1. I think you forgot Yulia Tymoshenko. Remember, Interpol had a warrant out on her and US Court ruled that she is a co-conspirator with Lazarenko with whom she was destroying the Ukrainian gas market.

    • No I didn’t forget Yulia Tymoshenko.

      The sanctions are being used against those deemed most responsible for brutality in the Yanukovych regime – not those deemed responsible for the most theft.

      Yulia Tymoshenko will therefore not be subject to sanctions as she was never part of the Yanukovych regime or responsible for the brutality it carried out.

      If the EU were to have a thorough clean out of stolen Ukrainian wealth from the entire Ukrainian elite via criminal investigation – and not sanctions – then it would not only be Yulia Tymoshenko missing from the list – but that is not what the EU is doing.

  2. Well my friend, you have certainly pulled no punches with that list. Do the lot of the bludgers I say!! If they get back half the money the pricks stole from Ukraine the country would not need the bail outs being bandied by the big boys!! Go get the bastards!! Sorry..go get the bandits and they are criminals. So the saying is right here..”do the crime..pay the time”

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