Committing political suicide – Ukraine

February 28, 2014

With the new leadership in Ukraine already coming under fire from OSCE for media censorship, no money, costly social promises to fulfill from the previous administration – or difficult explanations as to why this administration won’t keep the promises of the last one – external and internal sabre rattling threatening the integrity of Ukraine itself, the newly appointed government is surely committing political suicide with a raft of very necessary and very, very unpopular decisions to make.

A point not lost on Arseniy Yatseniuk it seems.

It will be a challenge indeed to make necessary very unpopular decisions whilst trying to keep a lid on so many simmering and potentially volatile issues.

Regardless of what anyone may think of the new look government – and it contains no UDAR party members – it has a particularly difficult time ahead over the few months we can expect it to last.

However, considering so many gave their lives in recent days, there are worse things than political suicide.

(Meanwhile a wary eye kept on events in Crimea – it will be telling as to the reception the World Congress of Tatars delegation receives when considering they are based in Tatarstan (part of the Russian Federation)  and the resurfacing of Viktor Yanukovych in Russia under Russian protection.)

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