Here we go again…….

February 19, 2014

I have deliberately left today’s entry until late in the day for several reasons.

The first reason completely unconnected to this entry relates to doing a little something for Bloomberg taking up some of my time.  The second and far more relevant, was to see how things would unfold in Kyiv after the oppositions call to march on the RADA where its always fated to failure demand to return to the 2004 Constitution was supposed to go to a victorious vote – though how they expected to achieve that remains a mystery as the voting minority.

Needless to say, the opposition call to return to the 2004 Constitution resulted in failure as expected.  As a result, the expectations of the marchers disappointed, events crossed the line of peaceful demonstration once more.

Photo courtesy of @Ukrblogger

Photo courtesy of @Ukrblogger

All so very predictable in a climate of growing intolerance and entrenched positions.

Perhaps there are those already working on the next “Amnesty Law” to cover what is happening now in a cycle that seems destined to repeat itself time and time again.

I am mindful as I write, that it is truly difficult to identify a politician that is representative of all of the protesters – in fact I would opine that the opposition politicians are for the most part tolerated rather than supported by many of the protesters, and resultant of that, the opposition are still led by the crowds rather the opposition leading them.

Recognising that force is the last tool in the diplomatic negotiating bag when all other methods have been tried and failed, and that nobody within the entire political class seems to be able to gain significant traction and following amongst those protesting on the streets of Kyiv, perhaps the continued cycle of violence is a necessary prelude to forcing the political class on both sides to realise that they both have failed the Ukrainian constituency consistently over the years and that they need to do something extraordinary to gain any societal trust as a result.

In short, changing the faces and the constitution is simply not enough – a real changes to the system of governance commensurate with the democratic ideals of society is the only lasting solution.  What is good for the Party of Regions goose today, is good for the opposition gander tomorrow at the hands of a disillusioned, angry and protesting society.

To survive in the immediate and short term with any legitimacy going forward, the political class in its entirety need compromise and reach a solution acceptable – even if not ideal – to all, that has the blessing of the Ukrainian society, be they the protesting or not.

However, if consensus is the lowest common denominator that satisfies the absolute minimum for all concerned, then that bar currently seems very, very high.

Meanwhile, the streets of Kyiv will see blood and death once more.


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