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A worrying poll for democracy adovcates – Ukraine

January 24, 2014

Well here is a poll any democracy advocate would consider worrisome in the current circumstances Ukraine finds itself in – and which prompted this very self explanatory twitter exchange:

It is difficult to take heart from the 51% robustly prepared to defend their existing democratic rights come what may – prior to the 21st January official introduction of the new dictatorial laws – unless we include the 25% who are prepared to barter away “some” of their rights in return for “social welfare” – as that would provide a democracy consolidating 76% in Ukraine.

Without knowing what rights those 25% were prepared to cede and for what social welfare, their line in the democratic sand remains unknown.  Much will depend on the questions and how they were asked as to how they were answered – as I have stated before when I briefly wrote about surveys and polls.

Not much more to say – worrisome for the immediate future of Ukraine considering the threat democracy faces.

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