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The silence was deafening

January 12, 2014

On any average day, the twitter feeds of Batkivchynaya, Arnseiy Yatseniuk and Oleh Tayhnybok are very active.  Less so that of Klitschko, but active that normally is too.

Yesterday however, as protesters and the Berkyt squared up to each other for hours and hours, resulting in sporadic violence and bloodshed in and around central Kyiv – nothing – not even when Yuri Lutsenko being beaten was filling the Ukrainian social media in real time.

Questions were numerous and frequent for many hours across all forms of social media, asking where they were and why no comments, from some very influential commentators, including those who initially called for and were the backbone of Euromaidan way back at the beginning of December.

Tetiana Danylenko @tdanylenko 8h

Таке враження, ніби лідери лишили революцію на Зоряна Шкіряка


Mustafa Nayyem
9 hours ago near Kyiv via Mobile

Стесняюсь спросить: а где Виталий Кличко, Арсений Яценюк и Олег Тягнибок?

are simply a tiny sample of an enormous number asking the same questions after almost  7 hours of a volatile stand-off  – Where were Klitshcko, Yatensiuk and Tyahnybok and why their absolute silence?

“Where were the “so called leaders of the Revolution?” was the popular social media cry.

Meanwhile, iconic Euromaidan figure, signer Ruslana, was publicly airing her concerns that the incidents occurring were not entirely the fault of the Berkyt, and that what the opposition leaders may want to label “provocateurs”  indeed include actual Euromaidan supporters with a somewhat twisted idea of peaceful protest.

She is of course right – although it is unlikely her appeal will be heard by those meant to hear it.

Meanwhile, returning to Messrs Klitschko, Yatsenkiuk and Tyahnybok and their absolute absence of  leadership – or ownership, depending upon how you view their relationship with Euromaidan –  or even comment – during so many hours of a volatile situation is unlikely to increase their standing amongst those they claim to represent.

The silence from them yesterday evening and into the early hours of this morning was deafening – as even their most ardent supporters noted.

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