Happy Birthday Mykola Azarov – (Is it time to retire?)

December 18, 2013

Today is Prime Minister Mykola Azarov’s birthday – С Днем Рождения Николай

He was born on 17th December 1947.

Today, that makes him 66 years old.  Today that takes him past the mandatory retirement age  from public service of 65, according to Ukrainian law.

As it seems the opposition cannot unseat him through votes of “no confidence”, and the President will keep him for as long as is possible simply because he is at the end of his political life and has no sights on any higher office, you have to wonder why the opposition have not made a big (if somewhat sarcastic) effort of celebrating this birthday and highlighting the law and his age.


Is this yet another instance whereby the rule of law applies only to those without immunity (and thus impunity)?

Nevertheless, some will wonder why, Mr. Azarov who could have walked away from the entire political mess unscathed due to reaching mandatory retirement age today, has not taken a politically attractive route out as set by law.  Why wait to be ousted or sacked at some point?

Perhaps, with the opposition parties having no plan, civil society now beginning to turn upon itself, he feels he can and will outlast the protesters at євромайдан who have no single politician or united civil society that they all trust and can rally behind.

I wonder if he will get a US$ loans and cheaper gas from Russia today to ease the Ukrainian 2014 budget – well it is his birthday!


  1. I thought the mandatory retirement age was 65, not 66. If that is the case, Azarov has been abusing the law for a year through immunity (and thus impunity).

    • 65 is indeed the age. However, given the elasticity of words when used in the legal terms, perhaps better to allow them to be stretched as far as they possibly can be – such as today when he is 66 ha ha!

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