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A rarity – Rinat Akhmetov speaks publicly about Ukrainian direction

December 14, 2013

It is a rarity to say the least, but Rinat Akhmetov has made a public statement regarding the current situation in Ukraine and his personal thoughts on matters.

It’s significants comes not because he is the wealthiest man in Ukraine, but that he is a major financial backer of the Party of Regions, a major employer within Ukraine across many business spheres, and also the owner of several large business assets within the EU and USA, as well as a major exporter both East and West.

Of all the “grey cardinals/oligarchs” behind the Party of Regions, he is surely in the running for the title “Grey cardinal in chief”.

Despite my writings over splits within the Party of Regions appearing well over a year ago – though it would seem to be breaking news to those who only follow the main stream media – the position of Mr Akhmetov has remained somewhat opaque compared to others regarding Ukrainian direction.

Having carefully read Mr Akhmetov’s statement for both its contents and what is absent, it remains unclear as to the robustness of his loyalty to the current president, the continued funding of Party of Regions (exclusively or otherwise), or whether he is genuinely in favour of signing – or not – any agreements with either the EU or CU.

All that seems clear – taking his words prima facie – is support for the pillars of democracy – rule of law, human rights, inclusiveness, tolerance, etc.  In short it says nothing that you would not expect a man of his standing to say in the public realm.

The question remains as to whether he remains within the president’s tent – and if so to what degree, and for how long – or not.

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